Glee – Let’s Have a Kiki!

Artie-glee-7960939-1024-768I have been a fan of “Glee” since the pilot episode, and I will stay a fan past the day it goes off the air.  It’s a show that, no matter what mood I’m in when it starts, I always feel better when it’s over.  When Glee is on top of it’s game, it’s phenomenal, but, in recent seasons, it has fluctuated between brilliant/funny/touching and uneven/scattered.  Thankfully, though, the moments of brilliance are so stellar that it makes up for all the times where the show may fall a tad short.


The clip below is one of my favorites.  It’s from the Thanksgiving episode and highlights Sarah Jessica Parker’s short-lived role as Kurt’s mentor at  Yes, it’s over-the-top, but it’s also unapologetic and just goes for it.  And when “Glee” swings for the fences like this and hits it out of the park, I know there is a lot of life left in this show. (Since they got rid of the original version, consider the Spanish translation an added bonus.)


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  1. #1 by Cesar Miu on May 9, 2013 - 7:08 am

    My first choice is the performance of the Glee club of ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ which was a part of the episode titled Pilot. The main singers were Cory Monteith and Lea Michele. This was an astounding performance which really showcased the talent that the Glee club had. Rachel and Finn showcased their talent with their amazing voices while Mr. Schuester has decided that he is definitely going to stay so that he can see the Glee club reach the success that he knows is possible. Overall, the message of the song fits in with life. A always believe in your dreams and don’t ever give up on them because they are achievable. *,

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